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    Experiment Teaching Aid

    By running the operating performance of two kinds of motor in various conditions, get to know the advantages of ultrasonic motor compared with the ordinary motor.

    1. Detail


    【Laboratory apparatus
    Ultrasonic motor
    Ordinary motor
    Contrast demo platform base
    Motor Pairing Wireless Controller

    【Experimental content

    By running the operating performance of two kinds of motor in various conditions, get to know the advantages of ultrasonic motor compared with the ordinary motor.

    Experimental procedures

    Plugging experiment

    When plugging experiment, the motor shaft is blocked and the stator winding is connected with the three-phase symmetrical voltage. The voltage of the power supply is gradually reduced, and the voltage values with uniform intervals are selected, and the stator current and stator input are recorded at the corresponding time of each voltage.

    No-load test:
    Connect the wires according to the respective motor circuit connection
    2Before starting the voltage, turn the AC voltage adjusting knob back to zero, then turn on the power and gradually increase the voltage so that the motor starts to rotate to observe the direction of rotation of the motor. And the direction of motor rotation to meet the requirements.
    3、Keep the motor running at no load for a few minutes at rated voltage, and allow the mechanical loss to stabilize before proceeding with the test.
    4、The regulated voltage gradually decreases from the nominal voltage until the current or power increases significantly. Read no-load voltage, no-load current, no-load power in this range.

    Load experiment:

    1, close the AC power supply, adjust the regulator so that it gradually increased to the rated voltage, and maintain the rated voltage in the test unchanged;
    2, to the DC generator load, so that the stator current of asynchronous motor gradually increased;
    3, starting from this load, gradually reduce the load until no load, in this range to read the current of the two motors, input power, speed data.

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