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    Ultrasonic Motor RUSR40 Series

    Single Shaft/Double ShaftModel Name:RUSR40-SRUSR40-D/RUSR40-DEDrive Frequency:40 [KHz] ~ 44 [KHz] Drive Voltage:141 [Vrms] Rated Output:1.5 [W] Maximum Output:3.0 [W] (by Maximum Load) Rated Speed:100[rpm]Maxi

    1. Detail

    Single Shaft

    Double Shaft

    Model NameRUSR40-SRUSR40-D / RUSR40-DE
    Drive Frequency40 [KHz] ~ 44 [KHz]
    Drive Voltage141 [Vrms]
    Rated Output1.5 [W]
    Maximum Output3.0 [W] (by Maximum Load)
    Rated Speed100[rpm]
    Maximum Speed200 [rpm]
    Rated Torque0.15 [N・m] 
    Maximum Torque0.25 [N・m] 
    Holding Torque0.15 [N・m] 
    ResponseLess than 1 [ms] ( No-load )
    Direction of RotationCW, CCW
    Operational Temperature Range-10 [℃] ~ +55 [℃]
    Temperature LimitSurface of Stator 70 [℃]
    Operational Humidity Range0 ~ +45 [%] ( without condensation )

    Endurance Time

    2,000 [Hours] ( Sum of the time when the motor actually moved )
    Weight64 [g]70 [g]
    RemarksSingle ShaftDouble Shaft

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