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    Electric light microscope work platform

    Electric light microscope work platform - based on a high positioning accuracy of ultrasonic motors, vibration small&nbs

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    Electric light microscope work platform - based on a high positioning accuracy of ultrasonic motors, vibration small advantages

    High-end microscope microscopic platforms generally use motor-driven, but the motor itself is based on the traditional defects, accuracy is often below standard, or get through a very complex design to compliance, while conventional vibration motor operating time for high-end dmicroscope is fatal, when observing small objects, such as would affect the results of experimental observation of the cells when the shock fluid. If you are using ultrasonic motor drive microscopic platform, based on the high positioning accuracy ultrasonic motor, vibration small advantages, you can overcome the above two points, so that the effect of experimental observations better.


    Characteristics of electric power optical microscope optical microscope workers working platform

    ★ Mute: ultrasonic motor drive, no noise (less than 10cm, 45dB run).

    ★ Non-Magnetic: ultrasonic motor drive, wireless ring magnetic field, no magnetic interference.

    ★ stable: ultrasonic motor drive, no deceleration structure, high reliability and smooth operation.

    ★ sensitive: the use of ultrasonic motor drive, fast response (less than 3 milliseconds).

    ★ Expertise: ultrasonic motor drive, high control precision, nanometer level.

    Good interchangeability: professional design, without the need for drilling and other destructive microscope work, can be easily installed.
    Humane control: professional joystick, you can single hand control platform for mobile in all directions and focus, human-computer integration, easily manipulated.
    Safety limit device: left and front ends of the platform, equipped with excellent performance limit device to ensure safe use of the platform.
    Traditional manual control: The system provides a manual knob for manual control platform for mobile and focus, respect for the operator traditions.
    Fully automatic control: a complete communication protocol that enables a computer system via RS232 interface, easy to move and focus control platform to achieve panoramic scanning,
    Fixed camera, auto focus and other operational requirements, thus achieving larger image stitching, depth integration, remote control and other professional image functions.

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