• Ultrasonic Motor RUSR60 Series

    Double Shaft/Single Shaft Model Name: RUSR60-SRUSR60-D/RUSR60-DEDrive Frequency: 40 [KHz] ~ 45 [KHz] Drive Voltage: 170 [Vrms] Rated Output: 3.6 [W] Maximum Output: 7.2 [W] (by Maximum Load) Ra..

  • Ultrasonic Motor RUSR40 Series

    Single Shaft/Double ShaftModel Name:RUSR40-SRUSR40-D/RUSR40-DEDrive Frequency:40 [KHz] ~ 44 [KHz] Drive Voltage:141 [Vrms] Rated Output:1.5 [W] Maximum Output:3.0 [W] (by Maximum Load) Rated Sp..

  • Ultrasonic Motor RUSR30 Series

    RUSR30 series is a small Ultrasonic Motor for Built in.

  • Electric light microscope work platform

    Electric light microscope work platform - based on a high positioning accuracy of ultrasonic motors, vibration small&nbs

  • Experiment Teaching Aid

    Through the vibration of glass powder, the ultrasonic motor is used to show the ultrasonic vibration generated by the elastomer by using the inverse piezoelectric effect of the piezoelectric material.

  • Experiment Teaching Aid

    Observe the internal structure of the motor through the shell made of transparent material without magnetic poles and windings, and it will not burn off because of the heating of the coil.

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